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he latest version of the android, android 9 Pie is here and you may be wondering what the fuss is all about and why you should consider upgrading to this version. Android pie builds on the previous versions and ushers in a series of improvements deigned to streamline and speed up your experience. Some of the reasons you should consider upgrading include;

App Action

Android pie’s operating system is smarter and more predictive. Essentially, android pie interprets what your next move will be and automatically pops up options to save you a few taps.

Improved Notifications

Notifications have been greatly improved by recent versions. With this version, you can easily manage your notifications and shut them off. Also if you reply to a message or email alerts, you will see a couple of contextual “smart replies” that can save you the time and hassle with just a single tap.

Adaptive Brightness

The new android pie isn’t just simply an ambient light sensor but rather another machine learning ability that tracks the level of brightness that you like and when and where you like it like that.

A Smarter battery

This version uses machine learning to figure out which apps you use and when and then tailors the battery use accordingly. The battery usage is prioritized towards the apps and services you use the most.

A better overview

Android pie ushers in an array of navigational changes. It makes it easier to switch between your active lining up the horizontally so that you can just slide between them.

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